Personal, Social & Health Education – PSHE

Our PSHE curriculum is designed with the intent that all children will become resilient, healthy, independent and responsible members of society. We intend to inspire pupils through high-quality PSHE lessons which also cover the statutory outcomes for Relationships Education and Health Education. Through our development of an effective PSHE and RHE curriculum, we intend to promote the importance of mental health and well-being, including how children can seek support for themselves or others if they need help with managing varied feelings.

As part of a broad and balanced curriculum, we also seek to embed learning opportunities and PSHE/Relationships and Health Education links across other subjects, through weekly assemblies and by inviting guest speakers into school. We aim to equip pupils with the skills to develop respect for themselves and others, confidence and self-worth.

Our PSHE curriculum supports our rigorous safeguarding processes, whereby children will learn about how to keep themselves safe and what to do if something makes them feel uncomfortable, worried or frightened.

It is our goal that pupils will play a positive role in contributing to daily school life and also to the wider community. It is important to us to teach children about their rights and responsibilities and develop their understanding of British Values and their place in our school and wider society.

As pupils progress through our PSHE curriculum, their growing knowledge and understanding will support them with areas including: friendships, managing emotions, healthy relationships, habits and behaviours, choices and the possible consequences of these, goal-setting, and coping with change. It is our intention that pupils will have a secure understanding of these important life skills to support their personal development and continue to develop as well-rounded individuals.

Curriculum Implementation

To ensure high standards of teaching and learning in PSHE, we implement a knowledge-based curriculum that is progressive across the school. PSHE lessons are taught weekly in Years 1 – 6 and incorporate the statutory outcomes for Relationships Education and Health Education. Our PSHE curriculum is planned using SCARF (Safety Caring Achieving Resilient Friendship) resource supported with NSPCC and Anna Freud resources.

Sequences of lessons are planned and through discussion and debate, the voice of all children is heard.

Assessment for Learning is key and Floor Books showcase the ongoing developments within each year group each term.  Ensuring that the curriculum is appropriately tailored to our context and pupils’ developmental needs is key.

As part of PSHE and Health Education in Years 5 and 6, age-appropriate body changes – puberty is covered to support and prepare children plus highlight the importance of good hygiene.

A parental workshop led by an Educational Consultant from Birmingham City Council is held prior to puberty sessions commencing offering parents the opportunity to see the resources and ask discuss plus ask questions of the school’s PSHE Lead.

Preparing our pupils for secondary school and life beyond is key.

Within PSHE we emphasise active learning by including the children in discussions, drama, investigations, problem-solving activities and the use of Ed Tech. Teaching staff utilise a range of engaging resources and teaching styles, to provide pupils with different learning experiences and enhance PSHE, thus promoting Cultural Capital across the school. Through PSHE and Relationships and Health Education, children are supported to: understand and manage their feelings, make positive choices, deal appropriately with different situations, work in collaboration with others, resolve conflict, set themselves realistic goals, understand their rights and responsibilities, evaluate and review their actions. This curriculum provides children with opportunities to deepen their understanding and apply their skills into real-life contexts, to help prepare them for more challenging situations they will face in later life.   Our curriculum is enriched through the following:

Year 6 Pupil Leadership Team


Anti-Bullying Week

Cultural Day


Lana Gaskin, Educational Consultant, Birmingham City Council



Go Big! Be Awesome!

Anna Freud

National Campaigns – Brake

National Charities

Local Charities

Curriculum Impact

Our PSHE curriculum is designed to ensure that pupils’ Personal, Social and Health and Relationships Education knowledge, skills and understanding are embedded throughout their time at school,

Impact is measured through assessment for learning, quality of resources and classroom Floor Books.  Subject Leader monitoring captures both coverage and progress.

The effective PSHE education provided also encourages our pupils to become healthy, responsible, safe and independent members of society and children are taught how to make positive contributions to this.   We are sensitive with our approach and take individual children’s circumstances into account.

As children progress throughout the school, they will deepen their knowledge and understanding of what it means to be a positive and proud member of a diverse and multi-cultural community, and of British Values. Children are taught about friendships, problem-solving, resilience, managing difficult situations, showing respect and tolerance, and the perspective of others.

The impact of our PSHE curriculum is that our pupils develop readiness for their next stage of education, express themselves with confidence, demonstrate resilience, critical thinking and ability to problem-solve, understand the importance of physical health and well-being, and apply their skills learned through PSHE to new situations in later life.

Careers linked to PSHE:

Motivational Speaker



Police Officer

Charity Worker


Social Worker