Equitas Academies Trust

Equitas Academies Trust was formed in 2011 with the belief that we can inspire our children for the years beyond their time within education. Rooted in kindness, love and mutual respect, we wish each child to think well of themselves and demonstrate empathy and respect in their interactions with others. From the moment  our pupils step through any of our schools, our staff and students alike are ready to prepare them for the years beyond the classroom.

We currently have over 1,000 pupils enrolled across our schools and we pride ourselves on being a close-knit community in which everyone feels valued and involved. This enables children transferring from our primary school to settle in very quickly.

At Equitas, we believe:

  • Every Child has the right to learn, strive and achieve
  • All Pupils have a place at our schools; All Equal, All Different, All Achieving.
  • All pupils are entitled to a safe, secure and positive learning environment where they can be nurtured and cared for.
  • Pupils can only thrive in safe and positive environments, it is essential that we can continue to provide this for all our pupils.

Our mission is to create a positive community that  generates self-esteem and self-confidence in young people, enabling them to achieve highly in both their academic journey and outside of this too, ultimately preparing them for their time beyond education.


Chilwell Croft Academy is part of Equitas Academies Trust.

Equitas Academies Trust is a company registered in England & Wales . Company Number 07662289.

Registered Office Address: Aston Manor Academy, Phillips Street, Birmingham, B6 4PZ.

For further information, please refer to the Equitas Academies Trust website:


For further information on the governance of the Trust please click here https://equitasacademiestrust.com/about-us/governance/

To access statutory information such as the Trusts’ annual accounts please click here https://equitasacademiestrust.com/about-us/annual-accounts/