About Us


All Different, All Equal, All Achieving

Chilwell Croft Academy is a very happy and improving school for children aged four to eleven.  The school currently has children on roll representing over 30 nationalities, speaking 40 different languages.


We are proud to be part of a multicultural community, and actively celebrate the diversity of our school. 


Our aim is to provide an environment where children can make progress academically and develop personally. Everything we do is focused on this.


We spend a lot of time and effort developing the culture of our school. The physical environment is welcoming and orderly – our artist in residence works with children to show off their art skills and this is exhibited throughout the school. Our pupils learn to behave, have a good attitude to learning and respect each other. Every pupil has a planner and is a member of a house team in order to help them do this. Pupils take pride in their work as evidenced by the presentation in their books. They value our rewards system and say they feel safe in school.


Developing the highest quality teaching lies at the heart of our school improvement agenda. We celebrate success and share good practice whenever we can.


We are very proud of our pupils and their families. Here, every child is truly valued for his or her contribution and encouraged to grow in confidence. A real strength of our school are the very positive relationships between staff and pupils and within peer groups.


You are more than welcome to come and visit us at any time, arrangements can be made by contacting the school on 0121 464 3402 or Email : enquiry@chilwellcroftacademy.com