Why do we seek external sponsorship?

Often schools must think of ways to help boost their funding in order too enhance learning opportunities and environment. Currently many schools are following the time-honoured tradition of running activities, fairs and fetes with the support of “PTA or Friends of “types of association in order to gather their local community to raise money.

Whilst this style of raising funds is a tried and tested one, it often does not bring in the revenue schools need to facilitate large projects or events.

There are many ways external organisations can get involved in supporting our school, some examples are:


· Sponsorship of our sports teams-we are looking for companies to replace our school’s sports team kits with their company logo’s (£2,500)

· Sponsorship of the School’s artist- we are looking for funding to continue engaging an artist in residence one day a week, to support our pupils with their creativity (£12,000)

· Sponsorship of drama and music productions-we would like to be able to continue providing free music lessons to pupils (£17,000)

· Sponsorship to upgrade our current IT resources to enable us to purchase items such as laptops for every student and charging trolleys, 30 I pads, 30 virtual reality devices, green screen kit….(£150,000)

· Sponsorship to develop our outdoor play provision for our pupils in reception (£20,000)


Currently as a school we are not in a position to finance the above projects due to funding cutbacks and have a number of other different projects that could be taken up by any company offering financial support. For further information or to discuss further, please contact Pravina Patel (School Business Manager).


Sponsorship received (with thanks) this academic year include: 


From the 1st December 2017 Greggs will be donating free bread to be used at our breakfast club.  In addition, they will be funding 120 pupils per term with other food costs (£9,500)


National Lottery have kindly awarded the sum of £10,000, this money will enable us to  purchase 30 laptops and a trolley to provide parents the opportunity to use during a community lead e-learning course and level1 entry to English and Maths.