Year 6

Year 6


In English this half term, Year 6 have focused on recounts, particularly about the film adaptation of Louis Sachar’s bestseller Holes. During the unit, children have had opportunities to ‘hot seat’ various characters within the film in order to determine how they are feeling at various important parts of the story. This has led to some excellent class discussion and debate. 



Maths lessons have continued to go from strength to strength. The children have shown their in- depth understanding of fractions, percentages and decimals and how they relate to one another. The children have developed fantastic reasoning skills and now they often question concepts and are challenged to convince each other how to solve problems.


In our Science work, we have begun studying electricity and circuits. The children have shown that they can draw circuits confidently with the correct scientific symbols and understand how to put together a working circuit with the right components.



In topic lessons, the children have been studying World War 2 and were quite surprised to learn how little food was available due to the strict rationing during the period. They have also learnt about evacuees and where children were sent during the bombings of cities, collectively known as The Blitz.



Within PE, the children have been creating some excellent sequences within their gymnastics lessons as well as some great routines in their dance sessions.