Year 1

Year 1


This half term we have been learning to write an adventure story. The children used inspiration from ‘The Snowman’ animation and explored different camera angles. They worked in groups to retell the story using a story map with actions and wrote speech for the main characters. The children have worked really hard to experiment with adjectives and use varied sentence openers. It has been a fantastic experience to see the children become authors and write an exciting story to go with this animation.


In Maths we have been learning different strategies of adding and subtracting within 20. The children used their prior knowledge of number bonds to 10 to use the ‘make 10 strategy’ when adding two numbers together. They also used their place value knowledge to use the ‘regrouping into tens and ones strategy’ when answering calculations.

The children have also been learning about length and using key vocabulary such as tall/taller, short/shorter and long/longer to compare objects.



Our History work has been all about significant people. We have been finding out about four important people; Denise Lewis, George Cadbury, Benjamin Zephaniah and Lisa Clayton. The children have really enjoyed working together to find out about the different things these people have achieved in their lives and are constantly thinking of more questions they want to find the answers to.



We have been learning about different materials and their properties. The children investigated different materials and where they come from. They showed a great understanding of natural and man-made materials and enjoyed finding out how every day items are made.