Report on visit to Chilwell Croft Academy


Date of visit: September 29th, 2015

Inspection number: 007

Monitor: Dr M. C. Felderhof

Name of Head Teacher: Mr. N Lambert

Teacher with responsibility for RE: Mrs. Jessica Wallace


Purpose of the Monitoring visit:

  • to see that safeguarding concerns in Birmingham are met in CW and RE and to ensure these activities comport with ‘British’ values;
  • to check that CW and RE contributes to the broad and balanced curriculum that requires the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development 1/ of children, and 2/ of society;
  • to consider the nature and character of the provision of RE and CW to see how they match the aims and ambitions of the school.
  • To consider and discuss any legal constraints and opportunities for CW and RE in the school with senior management and person(s) responsible for RE and CW.


Information about the school:

To underscore the diversity in this school one only needs to learn that there are 42 different first languages amongst the pupils. One other important feature is the sheer mobility of the community. There are approximately 57% muslim children, many of Somali origin, and 28% Christian, plus a small numbers of other adherents.


Core Foci:


The survey was comprehensively completed and seemingly with little difficulty.


Key observations:

  1. Ethos:

There was a welcoming and cheerful atmosphere in the school that is anxious to improve its academic achievement for the sake of the children. This task is being addressed in a systematic way. It was orderly and attractive with excellent artwork on the walls.


  1. Collective Worship:

There was a clear purpose to the assembly encouraging children to think about their identity and to note that our values are a part of who we are. Introduced with music and connected with previous assembly experiences. Children were encouraged to see the different spheres in which values are expressed. Attention was then given to British values what they are and what they meant. The children were attentive throughout and supported by all their teachers. An important part of the occasion was a moment of silence for quiet reflection which despite the many children in the large hall was indeed quiet.


  1. RE:

Although Chilwell Croft is an academy it follows the Birmingham Agreed Syllabus with some enthusiasm. The focus on dispositions ‘has inspired children of all backgrounds to live together and has made RE lessons very engaging”.

The lesson observed was on the topic of how wonderful the world is within the overarching disposition of caring for others, animals and the environment. There was good questioning, discussion and generally good class management.


Organisation and management:

The RE and CW is well managed and organised.


Conclusion re Safeguarding:

One can confidently say that there are no safeguarding concerns in the delivery of these (RE and CW) areas of the curriculum.


What the school might do:

Provide some statement on the nature of the RE and Collective Worship in the school prospectus and inform parents of their right of withdrawal.

Keep a record of the themes and duration of Collective Worship in the school and think about how to build further on current good practice.

Consider making links with a school with a different ethnic, religious and social mix.