At Chilwell Croft Academy all pupils are entitled to receive Religious Education as a part of the broad and balanced curriculum.

Religious Education is important because we believe that everyone should be valued and our cultural diversities and differences should be celebrated to enable our community and faith to become stronger. It also helps us to raise our spiritual awareness and promotes our social, moral spiritual and cultural development.

At Chilwell Croft Academy we feel that it is paramount that the children have the opportunity to  lead lessons through their own experiences and ideas to be able to enjoy and achieve. We use the Birmingham Agreed Syllabus ‘Faith makes a difference’ 24 dispositions.

They enable the children to learn about religious traditions through: looking at beliefs, teachings and artefacts; thinking about practices and ways of life and forms of expression. They also learn from faith through: thinking about identity and belonging; meaning, purpose and truth and values and commitments.

These 24 dispositions are covered every two years across years 1-2, years 3-4 and years 5-6:

  1. Being Imaginative and Explorative
  2. Appreciating Beauty
  3. Expressing Joy
  4. Being Thankful
  5. Caring for Others, Animals and the Environment
  6. Sharing and Being Generous
  7. Being Regardful of Suffering
  8. Being Merciful and Forgiving
  9. Being Fair and Just
  10. Living by Rules
  11. Being Accountable and Living with Integrity
  12. Being Temperate, Exercising Self-Discipline and Cultivating Serene Contentment
  13. Being Modest and Listening to Others
  14. Cultivating Inclusion, Identity and Belonging
  15. Creating Unity and Harmony
  16. Participating and Willing to Lead
  17. Remembering Roots
  18. Being Loyal and Steadfast
  19. Being Hopeful and Visionary
  20. Being Courageous and Confident
  21. Being Curious and Valuing Knowledge
  22. Being Open, Honest and Truthful
  23. Being Reflective and Self-Critical
  24. Being Silent and Attentive to, and Cultivating a Sense for, the Sacred and Transcendence