At Chilwell Croft Academy pupils have access to two hours PE a week. In those two hours a variety of different skills and sports are taught each term and to each year group, and lessons are planned using the PE Planning scheme which teachers adapt to suit our pupils. The pupils are taught both indoors and outdoors throughout the changing seasons. Cold weather does not limit our curriculum; indeed we encourage the pupils to get outside as often as they can. Pupil’s general fitness is also encouraged through additional activities such as through playtime and lunchtime activities.  The teaching of the Physical Education curriculum is broken into the following areas of activity:

  • Netball
  • Gymnastics
  • Dance
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Handball
  • Athletics
  • Swimming

As required from the National curriculum, swimming and water safety is taught for Year 5. The SLT have decided that Year 5 will go swimming throughout the year with each class alternating between each term. Each class participate in the swimming lessons at Newtown swimming baths.