Chilwell Croft Academy has had a tradition for many years of being a musical school and we pride ourselves in the musical opportunities the children have.

We work closely with the Services for Education music staff to provide a variety of musical experiences for the children.  These include; whole class instrument lessons in Key Stage Two; music and singing lessons in Key Stage One; separate Key Stage singing assemblies; a lunchtime choir club and elective instrument lessons after school.  The singing assemblies are amazing to hear and watch, with all children engaged and children singing together, bringing a great sense of community to the school.

We provide different instruments for children to learn in the Year 4 whole class instrument lessons: one class has a variety of brass instruments; and the other class have violins and cellos. In Year 3 the children learn how to play the djembe drums, building on their music lessons from KS1 with the Services for Education singing teacher. The children are also given the opportunity to perform in assemblies, sharing their learning with other children and parents. We are excited to be adding the opportunity for children in Year 3 to also elect to have group lessons in world instruments.

In addition to this, the choir perform every year at the Symphony Hall in the summer term alongside many other primary school choirs and fantastic music ensembles, under the guidance of our fantastic vocal skills teacher Mrs Rebecca Prentice. This is an amazing experience for all involved!