Travelling Around the World

Travelling Around the World

Year 4


Both classes from Year 4 worked over two days with artist Andrew Tims to investigate elements of the whole school topic Around the World in 40 Days.

The process began with the children imagining a character ‘travelling’ around the world, including the clothing they would wear and the items they would need.  The young artists were also able to explore the transport required to take the characters to their desired location, as well as the buildings, landmarks and animals they would encounter on their journey.

The images were created using mono-printing and washes of acrylic paint, before being transferred to fabric using photographic printing and sewing techniques.

The Travelling Around the World series features nine artworks each containing the aforementioned characters, transport, buildings, landmarks and animals. These were all fixed to a background of historical and contemporary ‘found maps’ which supported the ‘travel’ aspect of the work.