Little red riding hood

Little Red Riding Hood

Year 1

Year 1 children have been reading Little Red Riding Hood, a fairy tale about a young girl and a big bad wolf.


The children, in collaboration with artist-in-residence Andrew Tims, designed and created their own versions of the four main characters from the story – Little Red, the Big Bad Wolf, Little Red’s Grandma and the Woodcutter, drawing on the elements they knew about each.

The artwork was created using block printing techniques, with the children working in small groups to cut to size/shape and then piece together compressed foam parts, for example; head, body, legs etc, to form their character.  Professional printing inks were rolled onto the foam surface, followed by the children placing a sheet of large cartridge paper over the top, enabling the ink to transfer.

The seven prints illustrate the children’s beautiful story characters placed onto brightly coloured backgrounds.