Our Vision

At Chilwell Croft Academy, our vision is to provide an exciting engaging Science curriculum which allows children to explore the world around them. The investigations that children carry out are led by them therefore they are leading their own learning. Here we want children to gain a deeper knowledge understanding of what is around them through practical experiences that inspire and enhance their natural curiosity. Science is part of our day to day lives and is an integral part of our curriculum. Science is growing at Chilwell Croft Academy, with an enthusiasm and eagerness to learn more.

Science Principles

Through a pupil voice with children across different year groups and through meeting with staff, we agreed to a set of principles within science.

To be great scientists at Chilwell Croft we will:

  • Investigate our own questions and ideas.
  • Predict what we think is going to happen.
  • Test out our ideas.
  • Explain what happened.
  • Have real life experiences.
  • The most important thing scientists must do is to have fun!

We will work hard to stick to these principles in our science lessons.


In Early years children explore scientific concepts through play. Investigative skills developed at this early stage are added to as children progress through the year groups. Children learn to make predictions on what they think is going to happen, plan a method for conducting a fair test and analysing and evaluating the results that they have found. As these skills are added to each year, children become more confident at investigating questions. By year six children should be able to plan and carry out a full fair investigation to answer a question. In science we often investigate questions in small groups. This allows children to develop social and collaborative skills that become increasingly relevant as children become older. Many of the skills that we develop in Science can also be applied to other subjects with children questioning.