At Chilwell Croft Academy, the children can receive a range of rewards for a number of different achievements.

Chilwell Stars

At our special mention assembly, each Friday, 2 children form each year group receive a certificate and are given the opportunity to attend ‘Hot Chocolate Club’. this is a place to explain whay they have been chosen for a Chilwell Star as well as enjoying Hot Chocolate and Biscuits.

Attendance Award

Those children who have achieved a termly attendance of 95% or more receive an award and those children who have 100% attendance for the whole year will receive a special award for this fantastic achievement.

Sports Awards

Children who are members of our school sports teams receive awards for their performance in a particular fixture.

House Teams

As members of a house, all children are contributing to the points total for their house. At the end of each half term a trophy is presented to the house with the most points; at the end of each academic year a large shield is presented to the house that has accumulated the most points over the course of the year.